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Summer 1998
Remodeling the Kitchen
Original Kitchen, with Auntie Goring

If you think this is ugly, you should have seen it in person!

Some of the things we didn't like about the original kitchen:

  • There wasn't enough room for more than 2 people in the preparation area
  • The framed cabinets were too small to fit some items
  • The cabinets were too dark for our taste
  • Textured countertops were impossible to keep clean
  • Really busy linoleum floor
  • Electric stove
One of the first things we did when we moved in was change the appliances. All the harvest-gold electic doodads went out to the curb, and we brought in a nice white dishwasher. The coolest thing was that we had Barry's Kenmore refrigerator painted white - it was almond in her previous condo. The dude who did it was a bit strange, but he did nice work.
The next thing that went was that floor. We replaced it with a Mannington Silver Series vinyl floor with a tile pattern. After a coat of paint and a new border, the kitchen at least looked tolerable. We lived with the existing cabinets for two years, but soon a full remodeling was in order.

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Tolerable Kitchen

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